Ashraf Ali

Ashraf Ali

Excel saves the day when importing Fuelio data into Road Trip

Switching back from Android to iOS always has its quirks. Take for instance, my Fuelio app on Android. I have to export all my motorcycle and car data and import into Road Trip, an iOS app that works about the same way.

Thankfully, the Road Trip app website has a data conversion tool that allows CSV imports from various car apps…except Fuelio.

Not to worry, instead of using the reference provided on the website, I exported the Demo Vehicle included in the app on first launch. Then, I opened that sucker up in Excel and compared my Fuelio and Road Trip demo data side by side. A little bit of INDEX MATCH here, some sorting there, and back into the import wizard for the Road Trip website.

I broke down the problem into sections. First, the gas data. Sort the data by oldest to newest. Most of it, I could copy and paste it. Then, use a GPS service to convert any coordinates to addresses. Next, do a simple formula to calculate the trip distance based on the last fill-ups odometer. Then, make sure to reset any values you may not have info for (conditions for gas fillup, currency codes, things like that were not relevant for me). Also, the first row should be considered the base row.

Then, I moved on to the Maintainence section. I matched the CostTypeIDs to the CostCategories chart using INDEX and MATCH in Excel. Then, I assigned categories and treated the existing categories as sub-categories. Finally, after copying and pasting the data, I made sure I put in my maintainence reminders.

I airdropped the lovely configuration file to my iPhone and presto, all my data is imported straight into Road Trip! Not so bad for 1 hour of work. And of course, the first time you do it, it’s always easier to repeat it for other imports. While I considered writing a python script to do the conversions, I opted out of that since my data set wasn’t heavy enough to warrant that much effort.

Okay…so I’ve got two more vehicles to go. Yay me /sarcasm.